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About Yilong Carpets

Yilong Carpets - Number one in the world for its handmade silk rug industry. With 150 years history and currently hiring over 9,000 experienced and skilled weavers,

Yilong Carpets are producing over one million sqft handmade silk rug yearly.

Over 150 years’ experience on the oriental handmade silk rug, Yilong Carpets has earned the reputation as one of the biggest handmade silk rug manufacturer.

The showroom and warehouse displays and stocks 2,000 pcs of all Hand Made Silk Rug for your customer, the total rugs in our inventory is over 120,000 sqft all silk rug.

Yilong handmade carpets have been sold to more than 60 countries in the world. There are many customers from all over the world come to visit us every year.

Welcome Oriental rug shop owners, dealers, interior designers and truck rug sellers to do business with us.